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Investment Opportunity: Partnership with Tampa Bay Home Services - Florida's Renowned Residential General Contractor

Discover an extraordinary business opportunity designed for the discerning accredited investor. Florida-licensed Residential General Contractor, is seeking a dynamic partner to join him in his reputable and progressive construction company Tampa Bay Home Services. With a proven track record of successful projects, Tampa Bay Home Services is renowned in the Tampa Bay area for their commitment to quality, and they are now ready to expand their reach to all corners of Florida.

This unparalleled partnership offers a generous 45% equity stake in the thriving company, enabling the partner to build or remodel an unlimited number of residential properties throughout Florida. Whether your ambition is to collaborate on projects with Tampa Bay Home Services or to independently spearhead your own developments, this unique investment allows you to utilize the company's established network of subcontractors and employees.

Bid farewell to the hefty cost of hiring a General Contractor. Instead, immerse yourself in the world of construction as a part-owner, taking the reins to construct your vision from the ground up. Your equity stake will unlock the freedom to remodel and build new homes under the company's reputable license, creating a pathway to long-term profitability and success.

But there's more. In a strategic move, the company is preparing to upgrade from residential to commercial construction by year-end, opening an exciting new avenue for growth and expansion. Additionally, the company is set to hold a plumbing license for the state of Florida by mid-July, further bolstering its capabilities and service offerings.

This offering isn't just a business proposition; it's a golden ticket for developers or investors keen to break into the lucrative construction industry. With Tampa Bay Home Services, not only do you get a General Contractor but also a seasoned Real Estate Broker who can provide invaluable assistance in finding land and acquisitions.

In today's climate, the demand for housing has reached unprecedented levels. Be part of the solution, while reaping the rewards of this high-potential business venture. Let's discuss the details further. Realtor Kevin Farfan is only one call away at 813-784-7139. Dive into this exclusive opportunity and construct a prosperous future with us.

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